Folk song artwork

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

I recently had the opportunity to design a cover artwork for Stampestuen, a great Norwegian band that I made contact with through instagram.

I am fascinated with Scandinavian folk music traditions and how new and upcoming generations are experimenting and creating new sounds so this was a really nice job. My connection Anders, is passionate about playing Irish traditional tunes so it was nice to find a connection here in Norway  to my musical upbringing – I have been playing the fiddle with my family for many years growing up in County Antrim.

Their new single Piken og Røveren is out this month and is a really nice listen!

Missing the sun in midwinter

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Being able to take nice late summer walks along the fjord path has been lovely this year. There are many great back gardens and old orchards poking up over the fence.

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Warm temperatures meant that it was very easy to get the starter going, treating ourselves to some nice homemade bread.


Taking some time for some slow friluftsliv Sundays when the autumn weather allowed. New paths, new views and many new camping ideas!

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We are well and truly settled into our new place in Sogndal now. Winter has come around again, and although I admit I have been quite excited for snow, the absence of sunlit hours has led to me reminiscing on some of the nicest days we have had here so far. Living in the town gave me a much better chance to appreciate the simple joy of  verdant fruit trees in summer. Autumn brought a kind of magical atmosphere, with wispy clouds and snow over the fjord to keep me feeling cosy indoors. Between October rain showers we even managed to fit in a nice local walk with a fire for making pancakes over – a real privilege – to live so close to nature but also to have all the necessities of modern life at hand.