A visit from my family

IMG_6136 Bledde

It’s time for more blog catching-up! This time from the spring time and when my parents came to visit us in Sogn. I also got interviewed by the local NRK news around this time, and I dug out some of my favourite work with Mikkel  Soya Bølstad and his Norwegian bikepacking book to share again.

IMG_2698 dsssfe

Some fun new work I made for Scouting magazine this spring. This time I managed to finish all my spot illustrations using 100% traditional media – I’m really happy with that!

IMG_6127 IMG_6163 sdsdde IMG_6131

So, what a cosy time to have my mum and dad visit Norway! They got to see our new flat – all nice and tidy and sorted out now. They got to see a sea eagle (very close-up in a pine tree) and so many porpoises out in the fjord. We had a cosy trip across the fjord and into Lærdal. (Ragnhild’s mum, who is so nice came too!) We popped into Hei Fredag  and said hi to Marielle . It was really special to see her again – we just worked together on some local illustration prints last year, and before that we were very lucky to have her as our wedding photographer! I am so grateful that my parents were able to make it over, as it is both expensive and a lot of time to be travelling for. I’m going to miss them loads but I am already making some environmentally motivated train travel plans for Christmas time, so I hope to spend more time with the later in the year.