End of Winter


I am finally trying to get around to get back into my blogging rhythm – that means a few posts from quite a while ago! The first is from the end of the winter. This was a time when we started to properly settle into our new flat by the fjord and I began the process of falling into a new workflow in my new (and very beautiful) desk space.

IMG_6033 combine-7

There was of course some time for exploring the area and nature around Sogndal. Some fantastic misty and cold days made for fun photography walks. I accidentally bought way too many bags of kokekaffe so there were also some great “coffee outside” trips to be had too!

combine-2 IMG_6002 combine-3

Here are some views from our new place and my desk space. In this period of late winter to early spring the light in the house can be very beautiful for many hours! The cold also gives elements of mist, steam and dusty atmosphere that can get me so inspired to be drawing and painting!


I started with some more fully traditional painting experimentation too. I made a black and white painting of a local historic barn from the outdoor folk museum. Lots of work and practice to go, but I am happy I took the decision to really push the traditional elements of my work as much as I can, and to move away from doing too much digital painting.