Christmas Card Design


This year’s Christmas card was again inspired by an Irish poet. I used the words of Seamus Heaney from his poem An Ulster Twilight  as inspiration for the design and had plenty of fun researching into the poet’s background and story.

Designing with pattern I wanted to show various important elements from the poem but I also tried to include some atmospheric details too, as for me the poem conjures up some beautiful cinematic and peaceful imagery  like Lough Beg that I felt had be painted too.

I am not sure yet what I will come up with for next year’s card but it would be great if I could keep up the theme of my home in Northern Ireland. I find it really inspiring to explore things like folk history and rural life when I am working and would love to do more things like this design. Until then, have a great cosy Christmas holiday!

Climbing a Fell in the Lake District


This November I finally made it back to the Kendal Mountain festival! I managed to watch some really inspirational fell running films on the big screen and I also took part in my first fell/trail race up on to Scout Scar.

Having made the long trip to get there, I didn’t want to waste the opportunity for some winter walking in the Lake District, so with the good company of my sister we headed for the fells.

2 Red Screes

Red Screes was our goal and once we had climbed out of Ambleside I quickly remembered how refreshing it was to be high up in an upland valley, lost in our own thoughts, keeping our heads down in the rain.

We didn’t mind the poor weather as we knew it would pass by late morning, when we would be high up near the summit, looking down on the path we had arrived by, far down below us on the valley floor. 

Red screes

The descent was genuinely awe inspiring and it has been a long time since I have felt so good about a day’s climbing. However, the stand-out moment for me came when 2 fell runners flanked by their dog came bounding effortlessly down past us as we climbed towards the summit. We watched them as they ran as tiny specks of colour below us against the shadow of Fairfield, until they merged into stone wall and heather and were gone.  Maybe one day I will return and that will be me running!

Feast – Poster design for Lost and Found


This was a really fun commission from Lost and Found coffee shop for their series of evening gathering events, celebrating local food.

Based in Coleraine, on the North coast of Northern Ireland, Lost and Found has quickly become one of my favourite local businesses that have popped up since I left home to study in Cornwall. I love their ethos and appreciation of good design and can’t wait to see more inspiring events from them in the near future!