Climbing Clougha Pike


At the start of the summer, Champion Lad, of Jerome Twell fame (see previous post here) travelled all the way up to Lancashire for a few days hanging out and climbing hills.

The weather was perfect  and after some time exploring Lancaster itself we headed up into the fells with the goal of reaching Clougha Pike and then walking home down the Lune valley.


We took a while actually getting up onto the open terrain of Bowland as we spent well over half an hour reverting to our childhood ways, with a full on dam and cairn building session in a beautiful green valley with a stream cascading down it! It still surprises me how much fun it can be to play in the outdoors, even as an adult!


Up onto the heather and under a beating sun we spent the morning looking for lapwings and testing our bird knowledge on each other. Reaching the summit it was time to discuss the merits of the various varieties of cheese we had brought with us (we went a bit mad in the supermarket!).

We discovered that there is a really good track up there so I definitely want to bring a bike up one day to cover a bit more ground and explore more!


I am so glad Jerome made the trip up, as it was just great to be able to share the open hills with a friend, especially when we had such a nice weather window! I am already planning how I can get down to the midlands in the new year, so we can head into the Peak District!