Weekends in Prague

IMG_1217 prague-2 IMG_1220 IMG_1216IMG_1219 prague-1

I am about half way through the final illustrations now on a big book project that I have been working on since my time in Prague. I haven’t had too much extra time to work on the blog but I thought I would just share a few of the pictures that I took when we visited the city at the weekends during our time there. Hope to have plenty of exciting new posts for the blog in a couple of weeks!

Thanks so much to Veronika and Joe for looking after us and showing us around in Prague!

Celtic Warrior Drawings

Iberian-2iberian 1 Iberian-3

I have been working on a big book project these past few months and in the very early research stages I came across the Iberian branch of Celtic culture. I am mad about ancient history and it is always nice to discover some archaeology that you haven’t seen before.

Something about their helmets was so cool! So, in my spare time I have been doodling them in my sketchbook and have decided to share a few of the drawings with you here. Ok back to the book project!