Designing the Blog

I wouldn’t have been able to make this blog without a great deal of help from my good friend and fellow illustrator/designer Jerome Twell. We have done some pretty cool bike adventures together as well as plenty of Alastair Humphreys inspired micro-adventures too. This man is my go-to guy when it comes to anything web or tech related and I am super grateful for all the cool stuff he has helped me make over the past couple of years!

Oh yes and did I mention that he is also amazing at drawing birdlife! Go check out some of the really fun wildlife patterns and designs he posts up on his twitter if you get the chance. Also we need to make him draw more seagulls! You can never have too many seagulls!

What a champ!

Rathlin Island

Last week I took an amazing trip over to Rathlin Island on the ferry from Ballycastle. Family and friends were celebrating two birthdays so we brought our musical instruments with us to have a wee session in the pub in the afternoon (we also ended up playing music on the return ferry!). The weather held and we had a smooth ferry crossing, to be met by lots and lots of harbour seals basking in the sun when we landed on the island.

Rathlin is a small island off the North coast of Antrim in Northern Ireland. It is a place with incredible stories as well as some of the best wildlife you can find in the British Isles. It is great for walking and we spent our first few hours wandering the lanes and looking out for Choughs along the clifftops. We had the island pretty much to ourselves as there were only two other visitors on the morning ferry. Blackbirds sang and peacefulness descended.

We arrived at the West Lighthouse at lunchtime and after sharing some fresh bread, butter and tea at the new RSPB centre to warm ourselves up, we headed down to the lighthouse. You can now explore all of the famous upside-down lighthouse and even peak inside the light itself. I had never seen it from this angle before and I definitely recommend it!

This was all very exciting but seeing the seabirds on the sea stacks afterwords was still as awe inspiring as always. We were slightly too early for the Puffins but the Guillemots had just arrived the day before. It was hard to imagine that, just one day ago, where now thousands of birds perched, calling out at the churning waters, was just empty cliff face. One day I will see them arrive. One day.