Collage Process

Thought that I would share a brief insight into some of the collaging process that I have been using a lot recently in my work.

I really like the contrast between rough texture and clean graphic lines and so when creating backgrounds and environments for my designs I like to cut shapes from textures I have made, using either printmaking techniques or painting by hand.

I build up a bank of different textures that I like and mainly draw on that for small elements in designs but if working on a larger commission like the cityscape I am designing in the photo above, I will create textures specifically tailored for what that project needs.

In terms of colour and tone, I leave that most of the time to my photoshop process. This keeps the process really fast and allows me to have a lot of fun experimenting with the shapes and textures without any distractions.

Norway to Prague


After some unforgettable months living by the fjord in Norway, swimming, drawing and running the trails through the woods, I am travelling to the area around Prague to work on some commissions there for a while.

In Norway I have tried new recipes, started learning Norwegian and met so many lovely people! (The members of Sogndal Accordion club especially!) Special thanks to the very kind and funny Turid who I made this painting for!

Now I am surrounded by a landscape of huge fields, dotted with spindly Baba Yaga like hunting towers crossing the cabbages and stubble . Tomorrow we explore Prague so I am sure I will be taking plenty of photos and getting lots of inspiration for my drawings!

Exploring Bergen

I have visited Bergen twice now and really love the city. It has some great little streets to explore and plenty of nature and water around to keep you feeling inspired and refreshed. I thought I would share some of my favourite places that I visited during my time in the city.

I really got to know the harbour area, Bryggen, very well as I was sat there drawing for a whole afternoon. Check out the post I made earlier for more on the drawing. I definitely recommend visiting the fish market that sits right by the boats at the harbour.

I spent quite a few hours exploring the various galleries of Bergen’s KODE art museums. Living in the fjords for the past few months meant that the romantic Norwegian painters exhibition was really special for me.

There are 4 separate buildings but I have to admit that I fell in love with the museum shop in KODE 2. So many nice Nordic design books!


The wide open space outside the art museums is a great place to people watch or in my case, seagull watch!

When it was raining, and there is a fairly good chance that it will be raining in Bergen, I highly recommend heading to a cosy cafe to stay warm and dry, maybe with a coffee or hot chocolate. My favourite coffee shop was Blom cafe in the university area. The staff were so friendly and I didn’t really want to leave.

Then in my last couple hours I spent my time exploring some great design shops to the east of Bryggen and wandering down beautiful cobbled streets and alleyways off Marken street.

If you have visited, or are from the area, and know of any other great places to visit in Bergen, particularly places with a design flavour then I would love to hear your recommendations!

Tote Bag Design

Over the past month I have taken up trail running and have been really excited about exploring what’s out there and getting involved in the running scene. The spark of inspiration came from listening to the food programme on BBC radio 4 and from discovering the excellent journal Like the Wind. I decided to use this inspiration to design something cool!

I came up with this tote bag design when running through the local forest here in Norway. I tried to keep the elements as simple as possible with lots of nature and a nice punch of pink to give it an edgier feel. I would love to expand this into a wider range of totes for outdoor loving people, so if you have an idea of something cool you would like to see me design then I would love to hear from you!