Ride Journal – To Glenhead and Back

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While I was back home in Northern Ireland I spent a lot of the more rainy days poring over maps over the area around Slemish looking for traffic free cycle routes to try out. When the rain lifted I set out to try and loop around the back of the mountain using the Glenhead road. It was pretty exciting when I climbed over the hills into the mist and I had to stop there for quite a while as there were so many photos that I wanted to try and take. The hills are just south of a Game of Thrones filming location used in the first series.

After a really nice long downhill over open moorland I enjoyed climbing back up again on a very quite lane, passing lots of inquisitive sheep along the way and enjoying the views of Slemish from a new perspective. Then downhill again to the Braid valley and back in time for tea!

Card Designs

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After Christmas I have been busy with a few competition projects but I managed to squeeze in a couple of┬ástationary design projects like these greetings cards. I received some really nice gifts from family and friends this Christmas and decided to make some Thank You designs to send out to those who live a bit further afield that I didn’t get to thank in person. The campfire design is inspired by the many spontaneous fire lighting adventures I have had recently with friends when we have been exploring the local woods. We didn’t have quite as nice a setup as the one I drew, with things like kettles and coffee but one can dream! I have plans afoot to open my first online shop this month so you might be seeing more of these designs in the future!